The Permanently Exhausted Pidgeon

Parenthood is exhausting!  There is absolutly no way around it, unless you happen to be blessed with either a large family to help or large bank account to keep them entertained during the summer holidays.  People who are not parents see parenting as this magnificent journey that is full unconditional love and sweet moments, when in reality its sitting at the breakfast table in the morning and  hearing your 6 year old tell you he has farted for the tenth time then having to ask him to stop licking the cat.  Continue reading “The Permanently Exhausted Pidgeon”

Ask For Help

My mental health has taken a down turn over the past few weeks, and I have let my anxiety get the best of me.  I have let it fester beneath my chest rather than showing it any comfort.  When you let these feelings fester for much longer than you should, they become darker, they become deeper rooted in your mind, body and soul.  The anxiety turns to depression and although you’re aware that you should be doing something to help yourself get back up and shake things off, it feels as if you are being pushed further into this pit and that the darkness is weighing you down.   You truly feel trapped. Continue reading “Ask For Help”