The Permanently Exhausted Pidgeon

Parenthood is exhausting!  There is absolutly no way around it, unless you happen to be blessed with either a large family to help or large bank account to keep them entertained during the summer holidays.  People who are not parents see parenting as this magnificent journey that is full unconditional love and sweet moments, when in reality its sitting at the breakfast table in the morning and  hearing your 6 year old tell you he has farted for the tenth time then having to ask him to stop licking the cat.  Its waking up at 3 in the morning with the realisation that your child has climbed into your bed and now has their elbows hitting off your skull.  it’s sending your child to their room for a pair of socks and 30 minutes later fetching them yourself because he can’t see anything that doesnt look like haribo’s or lego.

 Your time is spent wiping snot off every surface in the house because your child refuses to use tissues, or washing their clothes multiple times during the day because he refuses to cencentrate on his aim when he urinates.  And forget about trying to get things done when they are around, because you’ll be badgered with the constant sound of  “mum! muummmy! mum mum mum mum!.”  Eventually the very sound of your childs voice will have you tearing the hair from your head. You can also say goodbye to free time because that will be filled with the chores you couldn’t get done when the kids were around.  Now you’re counting down the minutes until bedtime praying you are able to stay awake long enough to enjoy some quality time with your SO (significant other), but alas it is not meant to be.  As soon as your sweet child’s head hits their pillow, your head is off to hit your own because now you are even too exhausted to breathe.

On top of trying to keep your child alive, you still need to feed and bathe yourself as well as attempting to keep yourself as healthy as possible with very little sleep involved.  Coffee becomes your lifeline but even the effects of that will wear off fairly quickly.  Top that off with a dash of anxiety, a sprinkle of depression and dollop of insomnia, to make you feel exhaused for the rest of your days.  Oh The Joys!

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