Love From A Stranger

Hello there 🙋🏼‍♀️

For those who don’t know, I’m Sophie the creator of The Devious Mind. img_0107

I battle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, as well as dealing with complex trauma. I am probably not the only one out there that can admit that they aren’t always kind to themselves. When I was growing up there were so many things that If I could, I would have changed and being older that hasn’t improved much.

I wish people were kinder to those surrounding them, especially children, whether they know them or not. I wish people were more supportive of one another, then perhaps we would be kinder to ourselves in adulthood.

I know a lot of people who also struggle with their mental health and they don’t always feel like anyone understands what they’re going through. We often feel like we are alone in our journey to better mental health and being so makes it harder to actually get there.

I want people to know that they are not alone. I want them to know that I am there for them whether in person , in spirit or in thought. It’s okay to be feeling anyway that you do. Your feelings are valid and real, let no one tell you otherwise. We shouldn’t feel the need to isolate ourselves during those times when we need the people around us the most.

So, I introduce to you – Love From A Stranger.

A project that is close to my heart and hopefully I’ll find some of my own happiness and hope from it.

Every week, starting now, I’ll be leaving handwritten notes with inspirational and kind messages on them around Dundee City for people who need them the most, in the hope that they realise that they are not alone and there is more to our lives than the darkness.

For any readers who are fortunate enough to have found one of these notes then I would love to hear from you. Tell me how the note made a difference to your day, life or mind-set, and whether you kept it or passed it on to someone else.

Keep an eye 👁 out for updates xox




UPDATEMonday 18th November 2019

The first set of note are out in the world! I am really excited at the possibilty of hearing back from those who find my notes.

Here are some of the notes that I have placed around Dundee City Centre today.

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UPDATE – Wednesday 27th November 2019

The Devious Mind has had a very Interesting week.  I had been lucky enough to have had Love From A Stranger noticed by a journalist with the Dundee Evening Telegraph who wanted to interview me for an article that would make the  project more known  (you can read this here).  I have had great responses from dozens of people around dundee and I couldn’t be happier…

I was also lucky enough to speak to one of the people who had found one of my notes.  She had this to say –

I found one of your cards last week. I found it on one of my really bad days. I was recently diagnosed with depression and it was nice to know that a stranger who is suffering the same mental health problems as myself. Was kind enough to leave something small but had a big impact on me.
Ive kept it in my memory box to look at when i do have a dark day. Just to know that there is people out there that care, and that i can get thru this.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I took it as a sign from my loved ones up above that I can keep going. ❤❤” – Anonymous

The fact that Love From A Stranger is capable of helping someone this much really warms my heart, and I will continue to leave my notes of kindness around Dundee for the forseeable future xox

Here are a few notes that I have placed this week:

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UPDATE Saturday 14th December 2019

Since I haven’t been feeling too great recently, Love From A Stranger has taken a back seat. But I have distributed more than a dozen of my notes of kindness this week as well as written more for the next coming weeks.

This time of year can be difficult for many people out there who are struggling with mental health issues, and gestures of kindness such as this really has the possibility of turning a person’s life around , or possibly even save their life if they are already at the end or their tether.

So check in with your loved ones, your friends, your neighbor’s, even strangers in the street. Make sure they’re doing okay and just be kind every chance you get

UPDATE Thursday 19th December 2019


Seeing messages like these is why I keep sharing my Love From A Stranger notes. Knowing that such a small act of kindness can brighten their day really makes all the work worth it xox

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