My Top 20 Mood Boosting Songs

For the past few weeks I have been working really hard trying not to let my depression take over my life.  Music is one of the ways I keep myself grounded and singing along can help regulate my mood.  Each one of us has music/songs that speaks to us even on our darkest days, this list contains just a few of mine.  I have no set genre of music that I gravitate towards, just songs that I can sing along to or remind me of happier times. Continue reading “My Top 20 Mood Boosting Songs”

Self Care

When I drop into a pit of depression all things self care fall to the back of my mind and I end up neglecting myself. Sometimes I can end up going weeks without showering because I feel too exhausted to do so. I often over-indulge on sugary and high fat foods because I’m trying to fill the hole that depression leaves behind. Even when I appear to be okay, I am in fact struggling to accomplish even the most basic day to day activities such as brushing my teeth or keeping up with my housework. Continue reading “Self Care”

TW (Trigger Warning) Depression in Childhood

For too long I believed that the way I felt was something that I should be ashamed of. Something that should be hidden away from prying eyes. No-one ever taught me that it was okay to be not okay. No-one ever told me that every single person can feel this way at least one point in their lives. So I locked the feeling of emptiness and sadness away in the back of my mind, and I buried them as deep as I could until I just couldn’t do it any longer. My depression had fed off of the isolation and the loneliness, then grew bigger and more intense with every passing day, until one day the pressure got too much and I erupted with rage. Continue reading “TW (Trigger Warning) Depression in Childhood”